Community Guide

  • 1. Take responsibility

    Your talents are gifts of life offered to you,experiences are things that life brought to you…Take responsibility of sharing, you can not know how you have an impact on somebody’s life in advance.

  • 2. Describe your services well

    We wish you receive immediate offers for your services which you want to get, sharing continues rapidly and use your timebox effectively.So it is important that you write services’ explanations interesting also you can advertise services on other social networks, help can come anywhere it is not known.

  • 3. Use search bar effectively

    You can type your services which you want to get or take and wait for offers but it may mean you are losing time.İnvestigate older typed services maybe you can find an answer what you need.

  • 4. Reply to offers

    Zumbara is flexible system.You may not reply positively every offer but replying negatively is also a reply.Do not let people unanswered.

  • 5. Determine a time and place for service exchanges

    Take initiative, act and enjoy sharing right away.

  • 6. Become loyal to the agreed time

    Be at agreed place in agreed time for service exchanges in Zumbara.Ask person in advance how much time does she have to meeting and be respectful fort his.To end services in agreed time is also important thing.

  • 7. Pay your time on time

    Do not forget to ğay the person’s time you got served.She will do what she wants for a long time with that.Do not cause to delay in people’s life.Yes, time is not mentioned among you but it is important for continuity of the system so take care that

  • 8. Ask for paying your time

    When person who you gave the service does not pay your time ask for paying your time.There is nothing to be ashamed of, time is response of your labor.Yes, shares are going so well and you do not want to ask for paying but it is important for continuity of the system so take care that.

  • 9. Be tolerant

    We are all here to support each others.

  • 10. Be respectful

    Zumbara is a community which is based on trust.It is up to you to maket his community reliable.Be respectful to others and let the culture of sharing may continue to spread.Do not forget, this is why we are here.