We want to share what we learn from sharing culture, gift economy, community dynamics, so that every community can transform itself. If you get excited with the world that we believe it is possible, contact us. Let us help you to start these experiments in your institution. What can we do together?

Workshops and Process Designs: Despite all the aims and organizations in the communities we work together, there is still something missing inside. Many people can’t integrate with what they are doing; they lose the ‘meaning’ and the balance in their lives. They start feeling that something is going wrong with both themselves and their relationships. We can work together if you want to bring secure relationships to your community, a strong sense of group, collective learning and production processes.

Events to live the sharing culture: We experience sharing, the joy of creating together and the gifts that each one of us has (knowledge, skills, talents, experiences) at exchange festivals, open-air markets, gift circle and cooperation games. We can support you to experience these in your own community.

Tools to create the sharing culture: Our most enjoyable times at the constitutions that we work with are with our friends in those places. In some sense, ‘working’ has another meaning while producing with them. Well, why? We create new relations when we share with each other what we like to do and our strong sides. These relations become enjoyable shares. What else can the thing that we call ‘organization’ be rather than a network of relationships? Can you imagine a process such as each one of us do what we like to do and express ourselves, so we work as a common creation process? ‘Working’ doesn’t have to be boring. We can offer you some Zumbara style tools, we can even produce new tools together.

Sharing information on gift culture and sharing economy: Zumbara process brings us new interests, new passions every day. There is nothing better than talking about, inspiring, generating a common mind and communicating about the things we are passionate. Sharing culture, gift economy, community generating dynamics, the power of social technologies on creating the new world, new alternatives that come from the new world… If you think that we can inspire you and your community, invite us.

Sustainable Istanbul Exploration: Is this city sustainable? Unsustainable? What does it mean? We don’t want to think deeply about these questions. Our goal is to share the details that inspire us in this city. Feel free to join us in an interesting journey from the ancient buildings to the slums, from Akhism to rates of interest, from markets to grand bazaar. You can also suggest to your foreign friends.