Our Story

Zumbara is a community in which talents and experiences are shared, where time is used instead of Money.

In Zumbara, we believe in the power and the value of the community. We say that the concept of “time” should be at the center of life, at the place where it belongs. We think that time will run out as we save it. We believe that we can make our lives easier and more beautiful, we can generate healthy and secure communities when we spend time for each other, share our knowledge, skills, talents and experiences with others. We say we already have what we need.

We do indeed. Story of Zumbara is all about that, too. This story has started with a dream. The dream about combining Time Bank system and the interactive role created by the internet, at the same time using the Time Bank system to create this combination itself. Namely, except programming, for the past two years until July 2011, no professional services (Money) were used for Zumbara. Everything was realized by the effort of the beautiful people who believed in the idea, and wanted to participate in it.

Zumbara continues its journey of living with gift based sharing economy.