It is not a coinsident that Zumbara team is working for Zumbara. We are believe in importance of living, not surviving. We connect to life with passion. We believe that the things that we doing in our lifes, always transform us. An we say that ‘to create meaning in our lifes with social and enviromental values as much as economic values is an absolute must.

So, who we are?

  • Ayşegül Güzel

    Ayşegül Güzel

    Before Zumbara adventure, Ayşegül was a strategy consultant in a innovation consultancy company called Node, in Barselona. Before that she was responsible of distribution and product managing of 4 country- 44 shop at the Centrel Office of Mango. In İstanbul, she worked for creative team of Youthrepublic. Ayşegül graduated from International Trade Department of Boğaziçi University. In these days, trust and forming community, altenative economies, present culture, effects of social tecnologies to social changes, singing and yoga greatly take part in her life.

  • Meltem Şendağ

    Community strategy

    Before Zumbara, Meltem was a Adsense strategist in Google Ireland. Before that she made market surveys in a company called Evalueserve in India. In Istanbul, she carried out sponsor relations of If Film Festival. She was a guidance for a while. Meltem graduated from International Trade Department of Boğaziçi University.

  • Yeliz Yılmaz

    Yeliz Yılmaz

    She was volunter at TEGV and TEMA during her bachelor. She had active roles in managing and organisation fields at Paü Rock Club and Youth Assembly of Denizli City Council. She worked as Bussiness Development Assistant at kariyerGenç for a while. Now, she is blog writer of Yeşilist. Yeliz graduated from Mathematic Department of Pamukkale Üniversity in 2009. Also she continues to acedemic studies as a master student in Computational Science and Engineering Department of İstanbul Teknik University. She is writing a thesis about “Modelling of Climate Change”. She is interested in volunteering, programming (computing) enviroment/ecology and social media.

  • Burcu Ünal

    Burcu Ünal

    Burcu lives with her daughter Yağmur(12) in İstanbul. She is a social scientist with chocolate. She has bachelor and master's degrees in Economics, Sociology,Psychology and Business Administration (marketing). She is still studying on Psychology as a graduate level. She is an existentialist regression therapist and social entrepreneur in her spare time. She believes that she is a kind of bridge in the new world and humanity .

  • Cem Cenk Çoban

    Cem Cenk Çoban

  • Erdi Kaptan

    Erdi Kaptan

  • Damla Bakıcı

    Damla Bakıcı

    Still attending Kocaeli University, Fine Arts Department as a BA student on Photography. Worked on concert and set photography with her own team and also individually. She met Zumbara project 2 years ago and her new goal is to make the city Kocaeli Zumbara community well-know in the vicinity teaching them the universal meaning of sharing. For her, the life cannot arouse witout the art and communion.

  • Ahmet Helvacı

    Ahmet Helvacı