Zumbara trusts to heart-to-heart people, to community and to life. On the other side, Zumbara is aware of untrustable enviroment and situations that can be happen in communities. As a matter of fact, the reason of realization of Zumbara project is to create this enviroment of trust again.

We use different systems to make Zumbara community a trustable enviroment:

  • Invitation System

    If you want to join to Zumbara have to be invited to the system by a friend who already member of Zumbara. If you loging in by Facebook Connection , one of your friend have to be a member of Zumbara before. Or you have to fill a form to get an invitation.

  • Zumbara Profile

    Before you do service exchange you have to look into that person’s Zumbara profile to have more information about that person. The About part in the profile gives you informations about the member’s services that he/she gave and took before and how many hours does she/he shared in Zumbara community. And these things help you to collect information about that person more than you think.

  • Assessment System:

    The member, who get a service, assess the other member ,who gives the service, as positive or negatif and makes comment about his/her service. All this assessments forms member’s scor and these are all visible in member’s profile. The impressions of other people in the community will help you to assess memebers of Zumbara.

  • Report System

    It’s up to all of us to make Zumbara a safe community. If there is a disturbing service or profile, you can easly report us. In this way, thanks to you, Zumbara continue to be a safe place while it is expanding.

  • Zumbara Events

    While Zumabara holding events, it allows people come together, share and know each other more close. By joining this events you can meet with people in Zumbara world. It is an another option to feel safe before exchanging service.

  • Time Center

    For your safe you can choose to meet with members in Time Center that Zumbara provides for you. Haven’t you heard Time Center yet?