Wisdom Circle

We believe that alternative economies have an important task due to experiments about a new economy and an association model in an economical, environmental and spiritual crisis period which we experience. We get support from our “wisdom circle” which constituted by visioner people from different disciplines for the sake of ensuring this experiment to be healthy and sustainable in the system that affected by numerous factors from very different areas.

  • Martin Simon

    Martin Simon

    Time Bank of England

  • Shilpa Jain

    Shilpa Jain

    General Director

  • Uygar Özesmi

    Uygar Özesmi

    General Director
    Greenpeace Mediterranean

  • Michel Bauwens

    Michel Bauwens

    Foundation for P2P Alternatives

  • Suat Özçağdaş

    Suat Özçağdaş

    Social Innovation Centre

  • Mathew Slater

    Mathew Slater

    Community Forge Department Engineer
    Community Forge

  • Stephanie Rearick

    Stephanie Rearick

    Project Coordinator
    Time for the World

  • James Toole

    James Toole

    International Youth Foundation

  • Filiz Telek

    Filiz Telek

    Social Artist
    Brave New World

  • Ozan Sönmez

    Ozan Sönmez

    Angel Wings Ventures

  • Begüm Erenler

    Begüm Erenler

    Zumbara.com user

  • İpek Aral Kişioğlu

    İpek Aral Kişioğlu

    Human Resources Consultant

  • Charles Eisentstein

    Charles Eisenstein


  • Billy Bicket

    Billy Bicket

    Community Based Innovation Administrator
    TechSoup Global