Zumbara Stories

  • Yağmur Kutlar

    ‘I get new hobbies with Zumbara’

    ‘I want to learn many things and I don’t delay any of them no more. I wanted to learn video editing for a long time, and I found 'adobe premier' service on Zumbara. I learned the basics in 1 hour, now I practice at home.’

  • Özgür Onal

    I meet people like me’

    ‘Zumbara users are actually the people who I can get along well. It feels incredibly good to meet and socialize with them, and to receive help from people I don’t know.’

  • Cihan İlhanlı

    ‘I am doing the things I like for others’

    ‘Doing something for Money and doing something just because you like are two very different things in terms of the effort and passion you give in. I changed the chandeliers of a person from Zumbara, even the master electrician can not hold a candle to me.’

  • Gökçe Aykaç

    ‘I find services on Zumbara which are not available on the market.’

    ‘The services on Zumbara can not be purchased with Money. Via Zumbara, I played chess, get ideas about trust and community creation. Nothing compares to learning by experiencing.’

  • Sercan Alkan

    ‘Zumbara is the embodiment of the best idea of the world.’

    ‘I share things I like and know, I get the things i need, accompanied by a new friend in return. Can I ask for more?’

  • Begüm Erenler

    ‘Zumbara is a great chance for start up businesses.’

    ‘I launch a new enterprise. Business plan, Project writing, strategic consultancy, online advertisement and online sales… Whatever I needed, was provided by the community.’

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